and are complete theft of confidential information DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY THEY ARE NOT LICENSED!

Dear Potential Customers,


I would suggest reviewing all the facts, reading up about myself and if you have already purchased a vehicle, you know that I stole your information from, but who cares, you got a car didnt you? ┬áNow I basically went to Costa Rica where Jose was one of the people we outsourced customer service too. I paid him off to be my mole and take screen shots of the Unique platform, database and confidential customer list, which cost millions of dollars. I also solicited every single customer I made a sale too. More so while Jose and I were stealing, I used Jose’s log in and access to contact 1000s of customers to back out of sales. The morons did not know what hit them. I cost them over 3 million and stole over 3 million I was arrested but so what, I am making $20,000 a week and I will just tank the companies none of them are in my name anyway but I will tell you my story day by day as time goes on. on how I did it, what I did to steal and I will show you email by email what Jose and I were doing. More so how valuable the customer email list is.